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Tuesday, June 25, 2013
What HDMI 2.0 brings in for you?

With all bash, people welcomed HDMI 1.0 with lots of expectations. The technology not only caught notable attention but also stayed there up to people's expectations. Now it's high time to move forward and get more from the technologies in the form of HDMI 2.0 which is expected to be there in market very soon. Interestingly it is everywhere in air that this upgraded version of HDMI is the next age of Video. As per the rumors, new features and high capability standards are most sought prospects from this HDMI version and that will definitely bring popularity of HDMI 2.0 among technology lovers from all over the world.

What is HDMI?

HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is a compact interface used to transfer audio and video data from the source device to other compatible technology gadgets like computer, digital TV, digital audio and more. Being a fine replacement to analog videos, it transfers uncompressed video data and both compressed and uncompressed audio data efficiently.

How HDMI 2.0 overpowers HDMI 1.0

In many aspects HDMI 2.0 is considered superior to the earlier HDMI 1.0. HDMI 1.0 is capable to join a standard or high definition digital video signal over a single cable in the form of audio signals of two channels. It's just like connection between TV set and DVD player. The next versions included improvements in both audio & video proficiency with high resolutions. HDMI 1.0 provided connection with thoroughgoing 4.9Gbps bitrate. Even though the version 1.0 was basic with video support of up to 165 Mpixels/sec, it was adequate for many purposes. As far as the bandwidth is concerned, the version efficiently carried 1080p at 60Hz or UXGA along with 8- bit color depth. The complete format of this version is enough and absolutely compatible with all the high definition audio formats handled by PCM audio. Most of the user's requirement of bringing 8 channels of 192 kHz/24-bit PCM signal is easily fulfilled by this device.

Drawbacks of version HDMI1.0

However, this 1.0 version lacks in supporting DSD and DVD audio signals. That is because the version doesn't provide supplementary bandwidth of 10- bit, 12-bit and 16- bit color depths by Deep Color. Apart from this the new color space xvYCC is also not supported by the version.

Expected qualities of HDMI2.0

Considering the required improvements installed in coming version2.0, all are expecting great specifications and wide range of applications in audio video formats. 4K ultra HD is the significant feature because it multiplies the current resolution of 1080p by four times. This will offer various contents for approaching 4K ultra HD. For some TV programs and gaming, around 60 fps in required which is not possible for earlier versions to provide but version 2.0 is expected to fulfill this requirement. The other important feature is a rise in 8- bit color depth which is likely to be 10- or 12- bit with higher speed of as good as 60 frames per second. The equally important are HDMI 2.0 ports which are necessary to handle the transmission such a large data and signals.

The main requirement to ultra HD is compatible content, which makes the device worth and helps to get most through the technology. Till then, it is going to be a pleasure to watch 4K ultra HD with 2160p on attuned sets.

Written by: Kent Christian

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