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Monday, August 20, 2012
HDTV Supply has one of the largest offerings of HDBaseT products in the world. They can be seen at HDBaseT Products. All are in stock for immediately shipment and also have significant discounts. The new developments in technology in homes for entertainment is not just having the latest playing machines but about the connections to the different items like websites where one can download real time stats with good surround sound starts. This gives the users seamless support and control in high definition modes. This is the new wiring technologies by the use of the hdbaset balun technology support.

The hdbaset balun features

Technology wiring is a mechanism used in distributing media contents by using the cables with cost effective plan in mind. This offers the best features.

First, one can send HDMI to 220 feet with one CAT 5 cable. The signals are send in the form of a HDMI audios with video outputs of 1080. Since the extender IR is inbuilt with an HDMI, it allows the remote controls on the IR devices which are located far from the project by getting the signals that are send from within.

By getting the hdbaset balun, one will also get the receiver, the transmitter and an inbuilt infra red module. This is further aided by the many channel features that encompass the digital audios.

For the video lovers, then the machine has the ability to pass on high quality color videos and an EDID technology. It also offers the full bandwidth of IR with up to 80 kHz. It has also 340 MHz worth of bandwidth which can work with devices within 200feet. The machine has the capacity to manage various devices which are in remote locations and display them.

The balun also has the feature of HD BaseT with lite technology up to 70m. This does not support the HDMI 1.4 internet Ethernet connection but can support the fuller 1.3 HDMI formatting.

For protection purposes it has a metal casing black in color, a backward IR, compatible to 3 and 2D and extensions of single cat 6 at 70m.

The specifications

The hdbaset balun comes with specifications that make it among the best. First it has the power supply for direct current at 5 volts, power adapter formats that falls between -15 to +55, can operated in a large variation in humid conditions and ability to transfer data for up to 10.2 Gbps.

The output distances for cabling covers about 12 feet, video cable connection distance at 5 volts and audio support formats. The balun also supports the resolutions set in HDMI, support for various video colors and a high speed 3D connection.

The hdbaset balun comes in two distinct parts. These are the send and receive unit. The sent unit is connected to the source of the HD like a DVD player while on the other hand the receivers are connected to the screen for display jobs. This includes the HDTV 5 or 6 cables which allow the connection from remote locations of up to 100 feet.

The benefits

For people who rely on connections, then the hdbaset balun is essential when the user wants to get the audio and video connection for display and with high definition quality. Due to the HDMI technology used, then it becomes possible to use this machine. The cable connections do not distort the image even for longer distances. These cable connection via the balun can also enable internet connection hence save on costs of cabling.


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