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Wednesday, May 09, 2012
Have you been surfing the web or reading magazines and you keep coming across this thing called ARC. Well let me try and explain it for you from what I understand. ARC or Audio Return Channel is a new feature with HDMI 1.4 With ARC this will let you have a one cable solution between your receiver and HDMI ARC supported Television, but you will have to use an HDMI 1.4 rated cable. For example, if you receive your TV signals from an antenna, the audio from those signals goes directly to your TV, and to get the audio from those signals to your receiver, you would have to connect an extra cable (either analog stereo, digital optical, or digital coaxial) from the TV to the home theater receiver for this purpose. However, with Audio Return Channel, you can simply use 1 HDMI cable you already have connected between the TV and the home theater receiver to transfer audio in both directions. You will need to make sure both your receiver and TV support ARC I hope this makes sense :-)

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012
We have been getting a lot of calls lately from customers wondering if they need a switch or splitter.
Also calls from customers that ordered a switch and needed a splitter or ordered a splitter and needed a switch.
He are the differences between a HDMI Switch and HDMI Splitter.

HDMI Switches are best used if you have more that 1 HDMI source like a cable box, PS3, satellite dish, Roku any item with an HDMI output and you only have 1 HDMI input on your TV.

With a HDMI switch you can select and switch your HDMI sources and see what you would like on your TV

HDMI Splitters are used if you would like to send a picture and audio from your HDMI source like a cable box, PS3, satellite dish, Roku any item with an HDMI output) to multiple TV's or displays.

An example would be you would like to take the HDMI output from your DirecTV and be able to watch the same picture in your living room and garage at the same time.

If you should have any questions please send us an email anytime Customer Service


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